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Most people living in democracies have a very limited input into decisions made for us.

Many millions have no say at all.

Our Decision Too provides a way for everyone to participate in decisions about every issue that affects them. Social issues are discussed in a deliberative fashion rather than decided via simple polling.

Proposals can be posted and debated by anyone in a structured, supportive environment. Participants can have their say, learn from and discuss with others, and reassess as a result. Alternatives to the initial proposal can be advanced, with the aim of building a practical consensus.

Using technology developed and used successfully over twenty years, Our Decision Too is a powerful tool for open debate and understanding others' views.

Our Decision Too is open to people from any and every background, and any age.

All opinions are welcome. Nothing is censored, hidden, or withheld unless illegal or plainly offensive. Everyone's views and the patterns of their choices are immediately available to all participants, and there are filters to enable 'deep diving' into the data if desired.

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Conspiracy? What conspiracy? Oh, you mean the Lima Declaration ......

Whoever runs youtube takes it upon themselves to comment on material with which they disagree. For example, this is a current statement: 'CONTEXT New World Order Wikipedia The New World Order is a conspiracy theory that hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.' This disclaimer statement appears below this p...

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March 26 David Seedhouse

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It is proposed that the ODT members organise an autonomy treaty

Autono-me Autono-you

It is proposed that pharmaceutical companies must be subject to laws forcing them to disclose any research that poses any risk to public health

Pfizer employee admits the company is mutating covid viruses to sell more vaccines

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