This website shows that thousands of citizens can be included in democratic decision-making delivering sound practical outcomes. We no longer need flawed political processes or even political parties. 

We use various methods to include citizens in decision-making. Issues are discussed in a deliberative fashion rather than decided via simple polling.

We include people from any and every background. All opinions are welcome. Nothing is censored, hidden, or withheld unless it is illegal or plainly offensive. Everyone’s views and the patterns of their choices are immediately available to all participants, and there are filters to enable ‘deep diving’ into the data.


The main features of the site are:

  • It demonstrates that direct, participatory democracy can be achieved right now
  • It provides an example of how the many flaws in representative democracy as we know it today can be eliminated
  • There is a growing library of issues to respond to
  • Anyone can post their own issues for debate
  • There is at least one daily 'featured issue'
  • There are various ways to debate, from simple polls and surveys to in-depth Think Screens
  • The results show immediate, living patterns of people's choices
  • There are open and private groups
  • There are contemporary social media tools and opportunities
  • It is free to use
  • It is a 'social good' website and is not monetised


Deliberation is Essential to Democracy

To achieve meaningful democracy:

  • We need accessible information
  • We need skills and tools to assimilate the information
  • We need to listen and learn from others
  • We need to think critically and be aware of our values
  • We need to be prepared to change our minds.