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Monopoly. "This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…."

Monopoly. "This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…."

This video may not be a surprise to ODT members, but it is nevertheless shocking in its simplicity.

It could be described as overly simplistic, and yet it uses readily available material in the public domain to show how massive institutional investors have so many shares in so many companies that they are able to control banks, politicians and the newsmedia to such an extent that they can orchestrate 'global pandemics'.

Almost all the information in the video is in the public domain for anyone with the knowledge and stamina to find it. A simple google for 'pepsico shareholders' and 'coca cola shareholders' confirms that 4 institutions own almost a third of the shares of Coca Cola and three of the same 4 institutions own over a fifth of PepsiCo shares. Which rather undermines any claim that these companies are competitors:


Coca Cola

Owning so many stakes in companies that provide news coverage and products provides obvious opportunities to manipulate every other human being.

- Connections to the pharmaceutical industry around 19 minutes.

- 'When newscasters read the text from their teleprompters there's a good chance that the text comes from one of these organisations' - a stunning demonstration of the synchronisation of media messages around 27 minutes onwards (a must see) and there is more here.

- How to scare people into believing there is a pandemic around 44 minutes - it has to be 'one voice one message'.

It is important to be sceptical about everything one sees, reads or hears, yet much in the video seems undeniable in the absence of an evidential refutation.

What is to be done?

There are significant personal risks to the proposal below, do you agree with it?

It is proposed that films such as Monopoly should be shared freely with friends, family, work colleagues and strangers of all ages and backgrounds

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