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Demilitarization of the West

Demilitarization of the West

Just as with Covid, the collective West have acted in lockstep with regard to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. They have universally condemned Russia, Putin and, indeed, all Russians.

They have all agreed to sanctions against Russia. They have censored or outright banned Russian media. They have seized Russian assets held abroad - even those of private Russian individuals who have no direct involvement in the conflict.

At the same time these same Western powers have donated billions and trillions of money they don't have in humanitarian aid and military hardware to Western Ukraine.

With regard to the latter, it has got to the stage where Western countries are having to scale back their arms donations to Ukraine because they have simply run out of weapons and ammunition to send. In essence, they are in danger of leaving themselves defenceless in the face of attack!

It is proposed that the collective West has been largely demilitarized by stealth!