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Autono-me Autono-you

Autono-me Autono-you

It's the best I can do!


Most of us are all too aware of the WHO’s foul “Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Treaty” [1], which is hurtling our way, and designed to reduce us all to serving as the elite’s lab. rats [2].


It has occurred to me that we may be able to pre-empt the WHO’s machinations with a treaty of our own.


What if several million (ultimately) of us signed a treaty for mutual defence of our physical, and mental (Susan!), autonomy?


At this juncture, i.e. in advance of general awareness of the impending WHO treaty, such a move may not stir much opposition, and, indeed, some of the naïve ones may even give it fair consideration and, themselves, subscribe to it. (I contrast this with hesitating sufficiently that we find ourselves constrained to act reactively, when we would be rapidly characterised as “anti-vaxxers”, posing a mortal threat to the benevolent WHO’s protective embrace of all mankind.)


Of course, much thought is required to advance the idea from pie in the sky to a practical implementation, but I don’t think it’s too difficult. Defence treaties are always somewhat vague, but their materiality accrues from the follow-through, not any prescriptiveness of the initial commitment. The commitment serves only to justify, and motivate, the follow-through, and to deliver fair warning to the enemy.


I will highlight one difficulty, which is that a stance in favour of bodily autonomy is intrinsically abortion-tolerant. The wording, “abortion-tolerant”, is important, and differentiated from “pro-abortion”, which is a slur liberally employed by the anti-abortionists. This matter is to be managed sensitively, for, while most of us do not welcome abortions, the medical enslavement of mankind is far too great a price to pay to maintain a principled stance against them. Besides, should the WHO prevail, abortions will be effected, likely in vast numbers, by the will of our overlords, and, invariably, against the wishes of the mothers that were to be – just as we are now witnessing, in the wake of coerced mRNA injections [3].


We can line us up ‘gainst the hell of Gates, and we won’t back down.


1. https://apps.who.int/gb/wgpr/pdf_files/wgpr9/A_WGPR9_3-en.pdf

2. https://dailysceptic.org/2023/02/02/democratic-countries-must-reject-this-who-power-grab-that-threatens-global-lockdowns-and-vaccine-mandates/

3. https://dailysceptic.org/2022/12/24/huge-spikes-in-neonatal-deaths-following-vaccine-rollout-data-from-major-israeli-health-insurer-show/

It is proposed that the ODT members organise an autonomy treaty

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